Portmanteau Words Still Hurt

Portmanteau words are those words that are the result of combining two words together to make a new word.  For instance the word ‘sitcom’ is the combination of ‘situational’ and ‘comedy’.

However, if you take an insult or slur and combine it with another word you still have an insult or slur.   Hate speech is the same no matter how you arrange the letters.  If your intent is to be insulting, cool or even funny and you use a slur to do it, it is still perpetuating hate.

When you take the ‘r’ Word and drop the ‘re’ from it and put it with another word such as ‘beiber’ (beib-t**d)  or ‘liberal’ (lib-ta**d) you are still using the ‘r’ Word.

What it boils down to is your words matter, whether is one slur or a slur combined with another word to make it funny or even to dilute it so “It’s not THAT word!”

Hate is still hate no matter how you try to mask it.

And in the end, it’s still just a simple matter of respect.

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