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We are not a large corporation with a high administrative overhead, in fact we have no administrative costs.  All work is volunteer, and oftentimes the materials we provide are funded from our own pockets or donated to us by others.  The “R” Word Campaign is a grass roots effort by those interested in bringing awareness to everyone that the use of the word “retard” to mean something bad or stupid is offensive to people with disabilities and those who know and love them.

With that spirit in mind we provide the following materials free of charge for use in your communities.

Download FREE PDF’s To Make Your Voices Heard!

The R-Word Sign

When You Say Retard Someone Hurts Sign

Let Them Know Cards (Avery 27871 Business Card sheets )

Pass It On Cards (print on card stock, pdf)

When You Say Retard Someone Hurts Postcards

2 inch R-Word Sticker Buttons (Compatible to Avery 5194)Spread
The Word Image for T-Shirts or Small Posters

Spread The Word Image Large Posters (pdf)

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Please share your stories and photos with us so we can share your successes which will encourage others to stand up and speak out!

If you would like to donate money to us, our pledge to you is that we will put all donations to use promoting the “r” Word Campaign by making materials available free of charge to schools and community groups.   Every donation, no matter how small, is vitally important to helping us support local school and community education efforts.

If you would like to donate in other ways, we are open to your suggestions. 

Here are our long term goals;

  • Develop education materials for free distribution to individuals, schools and communities.
  • Create and maintain a network of advocates in each state available for presentations in schools and communities.
  • Develop a program guide for presentations
  • Promote a poster contest for school age children at the state level to reaffirm the classroom presentations.
  • Promote an awareness day or event, nationally or at state level.

Your money will go towards the purchase of lapel stickers, and bumper stickers that will be handed out to schools and conferences.

If you would like to help us further out goals by donating to The “r” Word Campaign, please send your contribution by;

Donations Via PayPal

Or mail your donation to:

The “R” Word Campaign
PO Box 6022
Norman, OK 73070

We do not have non-profit, tax exempt status at this time.

Add The R-Word Button To Your Blog or Page FREE!

Download FREE PDF’s To Make Your Voices Heard!

Click Here For Low Cost R-Word Bumper Stickers, Magnets, & More!

NOTE: This site is an information resource.  We believe the discussion should take place in schools, at work and every place this word is heard and found offensive. Any comments that do not reflect that effort or do not include a valid email address will not be approved.

The “r” Word Campaign © 2007-2015, Rick & Wanda Felty – online since April 2007

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  1. I really hate the r word I wish it was banned. I have friends that have autism, and I have an aunt that does to. everybody calls me it in my school at BHS in bismarck, North Dakota. It hurts when someone says the dang word i just hate it when they say it. This is a very good website to talk and learn about it. I’ve seen so many people say the word in front of my friends that say the word I always confront the people Who say the r word. god bless everyone and there souls.

  2. why doesn’t the Special Olympics or NDSC have a bigger figure like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? I don’t get it? this has been going on for too long – they need to use their resources to do something. Thank you for allowing a place to express ourselves and for what you do. You are awesome!

  3. As having a grandson with down syndrome people just don’t get it. I am in education and hear the word often not just the children but teachers as well. You would think adults would get it but unfortunaly people do not put themselves in others shoes. I have brought my children up to respect others. Maybe this is why God blessed us.
    Deanna Crowell

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